The San Diego Continuing Education CalWORKs program is designed to assist students receiving public assistance to achieve long-term self-sufficiency through coordinated student services. Our student support services include work study, job placement, coordination, curriculum development and redesign, and under certain conditions post-employment skills training, and instructional services. Additionally, we offer eligible students assistance with course selection, books, transportation, assessment, counseling services, paid internship opportunities and job placement

Our Mission Statement

We are a California Community College program serving CalWORKs students and their families by providing educational and career opportunities combined with an array of high-quality support services that enable students to complete their educational goals, find meaningful employment, and successfully transition into the workforce. Through collaboration and advocacy with our college and community partners, we prepare a segment of California’s workforce by promoting the economic self-sufficiency of CalWORKs students through the attainment of a higher education.

We believe in...

  • Supporting students’ progress towards self-sufficiently through education
  • Preparing students to be successful learners and achievers
  • Coordinating services to meet the needs of our students
  • Collaborating and partnering with community organizations
  • The ability of people to affect positive change in their lives
  • Advocacy as an effective tool to serve and support our unique student population
  • The power of the individual
  • Respecting the value and diversity of each individual
  • Personal responsibility, perseverance, integrity and commitment

CalWORKs Program Staff

CE at Mesa

Intake Coordinator

Centre City

Intake Coordinator

Educational Cultural Complex/ Cesar Chavez

Intake Coordinators


Intake Coordinators

Job Developers

North City

Intake Coordinator

West City

Intake Coordinator