Working Hard for 100 Years

100 years

San Diego Continuing Education has been making history since 1914. Some of the earliest classes offered job training to returning military veterans from WWI. As a new city, San Diego recognized that its people needed education and training in order to create a thriving, economic community.

Appropriate to the time, early classes included teaching heads of households how to raise chickens for profit — now we’re teaching entrepreneurs how to grow businesses for profit. Our class offerings have certainly changed, and we’ve expanded significantly too — from a single classroom where language classes first served immigrants — to hundreds of classrooms at locations around San Diego.

Through the century of changes and growth, one thing has remained constant, and that is the commitment to support San Diego adults who want to better their lives through education and training. We think that’s something to celebrate.

Mission: San Diego Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.