San Diego Continuing Education’s Scholarship Awards Ceremony

San Diego Continuing Education’s Scholarship Awards Ceremony took place at San Diego City College’s Saville Theater.  A packed house congratulated 66 students as they were awarded over $24,000 in scholarships.  These scholarships were awarded to students in good standing and with excellent attendance.  This is a competitive process and all winners should be proud of their accomplishment. To view pictures


Board of Trustees Scholarship

Fernando Cota, Educational Cultural Complex

Lawrence Plata, Educational Cultural Complex


Chancellor’s Scholarship

Asgede Meketa, Mid-City Campus

Margarita Lucia Novelo, North City Campus


The Daniel Rameriz Rolon/John J. Schlegel Scholarship

Yuki A. Hayashigawa, West City Campus

Estevan Sanchez, Educational Cultural Complex


Management Association Scholarship

Areum Ochoa, Campus


Los Dos Chefs Scholarship

Moises E. Gallardo, West City Campus

Sophia Natalia Garcia, Educational Cultural Complex

Setari Adrian Tuilesu-Bravo, Educational Cultural Complex


AFT Guild, Local 1931, Maxine Williams Scholarship

Mahjabin Andar, Mid-City Campus

Frederick Aryee, Mid-City Campus

Donnabelle F. Buban, West City Campus

Ekaterina Cheban, North City Campus

Delva Gray, Educational Cultural Complex

Elaha Hakimi, Mid-City Campus

Courtney Harter, North City Campus

Erdene Mashbat, Cesar Chavez Campus

Nannie Grace Soto, Cesar Chavez Campus

Matthew Szabo, Educational Cultural Campus


Classified Senate Scholarship

Moises Gallardo, West City Campus

Adriana Macias, Educational Cultural Complex

Liutauras Marciulionis, North City Campus

Tracy O’Halloran, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Elsa Ruelas, Mid-City Campus

Yoan Santamaria, César Chávez Campus


Counseling Faculty Scholarship

Jean Myles, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus


ABI Program Anne Heller Scholarship

Barbara Bates, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Mary Coleman, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Richard Fletcher, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Tracy O’Halloran, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Lisa Shuman, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Missy Wilson, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus


Stephen All Memorial Scholarship

Miho Takahashi Mitchum, Educational Cultural Complex


Edith Dabbs Memorial Scholarship

Deysi Guerrero, Cesar Chavez Campus


Minarokh Hamzavi Memorial Scholarship

Huong N. Lee, Mid-City Campus

Pleh Meh, Mid-City Campus


Autumn Keltner Memorial Scholarship

Jung Park, North City Campus

Josiah Taylor, Educational Cultural Complex


Mathew LaCaze Memorial Scholarship

Madeline Loewe-Pollock, North City Campus

Darian Santos Santana, North City Campus


Norma Ledesma Memorial Scholarship

Laura Angelica Anselmo, Educational Cultural Complex

Fnu HabibullahEducational Cultural Complex


George Matteson Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Ramos-Bahena, Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus


Ina Porter Memorial Scholarship

Elysa Flores, Educational Cultural Complex

Irma Montiel Nunez, West City Campus


Barbara Raifsnider Memorial Scholarship

Mauricio Arzola, Educational Cultural Complex

Liset Patricia Costello, North City Campus


Dr. A. Thomas Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Laura Cano, Mid-City Campus

Evelia Martinez, Educational Cultural Complex


Associated Student Body Scholarship

Cesar E. Chavez Campus

Ilce Acevedo

Erikka Jones

Mei Hsiu Lu


Associated Student Body Scholarship

Continuing Education at Mesa College Campus

Richard Ashton Fletcher

Bo Lyu


Associated Student Body Scholarship

Educational Cultural Complex

Adriana Macias

Lawrence Plata

Angelica Jacqueline Viveros


Associated Student Body Scholarship

Mid-City Campus

Fadumo Jama

Juan Arturo Peralta

Rosetta Thomas


Associated Student Body Scholarship

North City Campus

Mastoorah Ahmadi

Adesola Akinmurele


Associated Student Body Scholarship

West City Campus

Brandon Bernal

Yumi Hashimoto

Dorothy Celina Miramontes


A special thank you to scholarship committee, donors, faculty, and staff that made this event possible!

Mission: San Diego Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.