Examples of a job you may be qualified for after completion of a program:

  • Plumber’s Helper $14/hr.

Salary information is based on hourly, monthly, or annual estimates from the State of California Employment Development Department.

Skilled workers are always in demand for this industry and jobs are generally recession-resistant due to the ongoing need for trained plumbers.

In addition to learning the necessary skills to work in the industry, classes help with career preparation including communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and technology in the workplace.

Learn plumbing systems and theories; plumbing codes; plumbing tools and materials, and safety practices and procedures. Use torches, cutoff saws, pipe threaders, pipe cutting tools, and assorted hand tools.

Plumbing I

120 hours. Attend 7 hours per week for 18 weeks. Learn source determination, water distribution, waste removal, pressure adjustment, basic physics, technical math, blueprint reading, pipe installation, pumps, welding and soldering, inspection, and applicable codes and standards.

Plumbing II

120 hours. Attend 7 hours per week for 18 weeks. Focus is on the latest adopted Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), which is the model plumbing code adopted by the State of California, and published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). Basic math as it relates to the plumbing trade is also part of this program.

Plumbing III

120 hours. Attend 7 hours per week for 18 weeks. Advanced training including the layout, design, and size of piping systems; specialized systems; public relations; tests, coding, and inspections (including solar); plumbing math, and safety requirements. Use saws, rigid chain cutters, thread-o-matics, triangles, T-squares and scales.