Accounting/Office Skills

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of a program:

  • Receptionist $12.42/hr.
  • Office Assistant $13.78/hr.
  • Accounting, Tax Preparation $15.88/hr.

Salary information is based on hourly, monthly, or annual estimates from the State of California Employment Development Department.

Front Desk/Office Assistant

546 hours. Attend 18 hours per week for 30 weeks.
Prepare for an entry-level position in an office setting. Learn computer-based business applications to create reports, develop databases, and compose letters. More

Account Clerk

322 hours. Attend 18 hours per week for 18 weeks.
Provides students with the basic skills necessary to achieve successful employment in the accounting field. Students work in self-paced labs to complete this program. More

Administrative Assistant

324 hours. Attend 18 hours per week for 18 weeks.
Learn to create and distribute complex documents; develop analytical and statistical reports; create presentations, and use the Internet as a resource. Students work in self-paced Office Skills Labs (OFSY 560) to complete this program. More.