Healthcare Careers

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of a program:

  • Personal and Home Care Aide $19,280-24,000
  • Nursing Assistant $22,439-31,493
  • Home Health Aide $20,193-29,313
  • Food Preparation Worker $18,408-23,171
  • Food Preparation Supervisor $23,171-37,814

Salary information is based on hourly, monthly, or annual estimates from the State of California Employment Development Department.

Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver

180 hours. Complete in 10 to 18 weeks.Prepares students to work in healthcare as a personal care assistant, also known as caregiver, personal care aide, or home care aide. Personal care assistants are employed by home care agencies and assisted living facilities and may also provide services in other healthcare facilities. Requires completion of two classes: Healthcare Careers (HLTH 609) and Personal and Home Care Aide (HLTH 610). Please call 619-388-4600 for enrollment information.

Nursing Assistant

250-260 hours. Complete in 12 to 16 weeks.Through lecture and hands-on skills practice, you learn to bathe, dress, feed, and assist patients with toileting as well as report changes in a patient’s physical or mental status to the supervising nurse. This program prepares students for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) examination which is taken upon completion of the course. After passing the state CNA exam, students become certified as a Nurse Assistant by the State of California, and can work in rehabilitation and long-term care facilities such as convalescent hospitals, and through an agency or in a private home.Requires completion of two classes: Nursing Assistant Training (HLTH 605) and Home Health Aide (HLTH 606). More

Nursing Assistant (Rehabilitative)

315 hours. Complete in 16 to 20 weeks.Provides students with the skills essential to seek employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant or a Restorative Nurse Assistant. Prepares the student to take the California State examination and also provides an opportunity to gain specialized skills essential to work in a rehabilitation facility. Requires completion of two classes: Nursing Assistant Training (HLTH 605) and Restorative Nurse Assistant (HLTH 608).

Nursing Assistant (Acute Care)

Prepares the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) to perform basic nursing care in an acute care hospital setting under the supervision of a Licensed Registered or Vocational nurse. Class consists of theory and hands-on practice. Areas covered are medical and surgical patient care, oncology, orthopedics, obstetrics, and maternal-child care. Infection control, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, psychosocial needs, and communication and reporting methods are integrated throughout the course. Requires completion of two classes: (HLTH 605) Nursing Assistant Training and (HLTH 607) Acute Care Nurse Assistant.

Home Health Aide

50 hours. Complete in 2 to 4 weeks.After becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A.), if you wish to receive certification as a Home Health Aide, you may complete an additional 50 hours of training that includes lecture and skills practice. You will learn to help elderly, convalescent, or disabled persons in their homes instead of a health facility. Home Health Aides are in high demand in licensed home health care agencies and hospice, to provide care in the patient's private home, under the supervision of Registered Nurses. More

Food Preparation for Health Care Professionals

288 hours. Complete in 18-36 weeks.A nutritional diet is a foundation to good health. The total impact of food on our health is critical, and menu preparation and planning are important elements. Increase knowledge of nutrition and food preparation for a wide variety of culinary applications. Learn basic nutrition principles; up-to-date food pyramid guidelines; food safety and sanitation; menu planning, and how to eat for optimum fitness. Requires completion of four classes: Nutrition Basics (FDNT 601), Eat for a Healthy Lifestyle (FDNT 605), Menu Planning (FDNT 610), and Time-Saver Cooking (FDNT 615).