Digital Media 1 and 2

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of these programs:

  • Multimedia Artists and Animators $35/hr.
  • Graphic Designers $26/hr.
  • Web Developers $36/hr.

Salary information from O*Net.

The Digital Media 1 and 2 Programs teach the skills needed for the motion graphics, video production and content management industry, including selecting the appropriate tools, understanding best practices in the motion graphics, video production and content management industry and applying appropriate industry standard applications. Students will learn the technical skills needed to be ready for work in the digital design industry. Plan, design and create computer-based motion graphics, video and content management using industry-standard software.

This program also serves as a foundation for additional training in higher education courses and/or introductory level position in these industries.

Receive Digital Media 1 certificate by completing four courses:

  • COMM 660 Visual Design
  • COMM 661 Vector Design
  • COMM 662 Page Layout Design
  • COMM 663 Portfolio Design

Receive Digital Media 2 certificate by completing three courses:

  • COMM 667 Motion Graphics
  • COMM 668 Video Production
  • COMM 669 Content Management Basics

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