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Bob Wetzel

Business, Computers and IT

Bob Wetzel

Bob is pleased to be returning to teaching after spending 11 years as a Physics instructor in the NJ high school system. He has taught a number of courses including: Honors Physics, AP Physics with Calculus, Earth Science, Chemistry, Algebra, Calculus, and Photography. He's developed curriculum for over five different courses, been a part of two Middle States Evaluation committees, and has taught In-service courses to fellow instructors. Currently he is part of the BIT team at C. Chavez and ECC helping our students gain certificates in Microsoft Office products.

He's also been a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories for 13 years where he ran a $750,000 laboratory in basic research. He's an author/co-author of over 20 scientific papers which can be found in many technical libraries. His research into Electron Impact Ionization of Atoms still stands with current state of the art measurements. He's also an inventor and received a US Patent for work on integrated lens / LED emitter for fiber optics.

An avid computer enthusiast, he built his own Apple II computer back in the 1980's from scratch, and enjoys tinkering with PC's today. At AT&T he was responsible for programming in Fortran the lab computer used to collect data. He maintained and upgraded it both with hardware and software. He also was responsible for the care and feeding of all the computers used in his real estate business.

Among his passions is Photography. He's been through it all, from the earliest days using rangefinder cameras with Kodachrome slides at ten years of age, to darkroom B&W work in high school, to digital photography today. Photoshop has allowed him to finally express himself in the digital darkroom. He's won many ribbons and awards over the past five years at the San Diego County Fair in their juried photography exhibition. He is an accomplished astrophotographer, with his work including solar eclipses, Venus transits of the sun, and milky way photos.

An Amateur Radio operator (Ham Radio) with call sign K2IU, he's won awards for contacting all 50 states and over 100 countries using a simple wire antenna and a modest radio station. He has an Ebay business buying, refurbishing and selling used electronic test equipment.

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