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Timothy Pawlak, President Academic Senate 13-15

Business, Computers and IT

Timothy Pawlak photos presenting at Continuing Education Convocation as President of Academic Senate

Mr. Pawlak has been serving Continuing Education in the San Diego Community College District for over 14 years. He is a faculty member specializing in Business, Computers and Information Technology. Classes and software taught include: Adobe Creative Suite; Microsoft Office Suite; Business Communications; Quickbooks; Accounting and Business Mathematics for Professional Development and Certificate Programs including Business Information Worker State Certificate, Administrative Assistant and Accounting Clerk.

Mr. Pawlak brings over 25 years of leadership from corporate, education and entrepreneurial business experience to the classroom educating adult learners and professionals in business strategies, marketing, management, web development and technology integration. In addition Mr. Pawlak instruction helps prepare students for new careers, workplace promotions, academic certifications and degrees. Mr. Pawlak specializes in making complex systems, technology and software easy to understand and learn.

With a Master's in Organizational Management emphasizing Innovation and Technology, Mr. Pawlak blends current business trends and cutting-edge technology in the classroom and in corporate settings to help the people he educates realize their personal and professional goals.

Mr. Pawlak, is a tenured Professor in Business, Computers and Information Technology and past President of the Academic Senate for San Diego Community College District Continuing Education from 2013-2015


Department Chair - Business Information Technology 2016-2019
Co-Chair - Academic Senate Constitution Committee 2018
Chair of Chairs - Academic Senate Executive Committee 2016-17
Chair - Program Chair Committee 2016-17
Acting Dean - Student Affairs, San Diego City College Fall 2015
President - Academic Senate Continuing Education 2013-15
Director - AEBG San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortia - SDUSD and SDCE 2014-2015
Facilitator - AEBG Steering Committee - San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortia 2014-15, 2016,2017,2018
Member - San Diego Workforce Partnership (WIOA) Steering Committee 2015
Member - WASC Visiting Team, Compton Adult School 2015,2018
Member - District Governance Council (DGC)
Member - District Budget Development and Institutional Planning Advisory Committee
Member - District Equivalency Committee (DEC)
Vice Chairman - SD Community College Auxiliary Organization (SDCCAO) 2014-15
Member - Auxiliary Business Services Advisory Committee (ASBO)
Member - District Threat Assessment Committee (TAC)
Member - CE Executive Governance Council (EGC)
Member - CE Administrative Governance Council (AGC)
Co-Chair - CE Budget Committee
Member - CE Diversity Committee
Member - CE Dual Discipline Task Force
Member - CE Equivalency Committee
Member - CE Faculty Hiring Priority Committee
Member - CE Flex Advisory Committee
Member - CE Professional Development Committee
Member - CE Professional Policies and Review Committee
Member - CE Marketing Committee
Co-Chair - Business, Computers, Information Technology Curriculum Task Force

Presenter - Faculty Leadership Development Academy 2016,2017
Presenter - 2015 CASAS Summer Institute - Adult Education Block Grant
Participant/Member - California Adult Educators Adminitrator's Association CAEAA Conference Spring 2015
Participant - California Workforce Association CWA - WIOA Orientation Fall 2014
Delegate - ASCCC Plenary Fall 2014
Presenter - Convocation - AEBG SDAERC Fall 2014
Facilitator - CASAS Summer Institute AB 86 Summer 2014
Graduate - SDCCD Supervisor Leadership Development Academy (SLDA) Spring 2014
Keynote Speaker - Basic Skills Noncredit to Credit Awareness Building Conference Spring 2014
Delegate/Presenter - ASCCC Plenary - Practical Leadership Spring 2014
Participant - ASCCC Accreditation Institute Spring 2014
Contributor - ASCCC Area D Regional Fall 2013
Delegate - ASCCC Plenary Fall 2013
Contibutor - ASCCC Faculty Leadership Institute Summer 2013
Participant - Los Dos Chefs "Tres" Magnifique Scholarship Fundraiser Fall 2013
North City Campus Grand Opening Fall 2013
Participant - SDCCD On-line Learning Retreat Fall 2013
Presenter - SDCCD Participatory Governance and Planning Conference Fall 2013
Presenter - Cesar Chavez Campus Grand Opening Fall 2013
Recipient - SDICCA Leadership Award for CE Academic Senate Fall 2013
Co-Chair - Inaugural JOINT Academic Senate/Classified Senate Meeting - Convocation 2013
Participant - SDCCD Strategic Presentation Skills Workshop Summer 2013
Member - CE Strategic Planning Retreat Spring 2013
Contributor - ASCCC Plenary Spring 2013
Graduate - EEO & Diversity Training for Screening Committees Spring 2013
Graduate - SDCCD Classified Leadership Development Academy (CLDA) Spring 2013
Vice President/President Elect -Academic Senate Continuing Education Fall/Spring 2012

AB 86 San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortium SDAERC Final Plan
Author - ASCCC Rostrum, March 2014 - Practical Leadership

Mission: San Diego Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.