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Buy a Home with Down Payment Assistance Fee (special registration) (9077J)MOGRABI-ZUBEK, F
9/8/20189/22/2018Sa10:00 AM12:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus101
Making Medicare Work for You Fee (special registration) (8858K)TAYLOR, D
9/22/20189/22/2018Sa10:00 AM12:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus218
Italian for Travelers Workshop Fee (special registration) (9388A)BARACCO, P
9/15/20189/22/2018Sa9:00 AM11:00 AMCésar E. Chávez Campus205
Word - Beginning/Intermediate (9153G)PEDERSEN, G
9/10/20189/24/2018M5:30 PM9:00 PMNorth City Campus110
Excel - Beginning/Intermediate (8133G)PEDERSEN, G
9/10/20189/24/2018M1:00 PM5:00 PMNorth City Campus110
Quickservice Lube/Pre-Delivery Program Orientation Required (9570F)TEEVIN, T
9/4/20189/26/2018MTW4:30 PM9:30 PMEducational Cultural ComplexA122
Photoshop - Beginning (9013J)MCDONALD, K
9/6/20189/27/2018Th12:30 PM4:30 PMNorth City Campus206
Behavioral Health Aide Program Orientation Required (9191D)TAYLOR, V
9/4/20189/27/2018MTWTh4:00 PM9:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus217
Computer Basics - Mac - Introduction Canceled (8696G)MCDONALD, K
9/13/20189/27/2018Th8:30 AM12:30 PMNorth City Campus206
Mobile Apps Prep Course - Introduction to HTML/CSS/JavaScript (9790A)CAMPOS, V
9/4/20189/27/2018TTh6:00 PM9:30 PMNorth City Campus209
Landlording Basics Fee (special registration) (9389K)BERYS, F
9/25/20189/27/2018TTh6:00 PM9:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus208
Social Media for Small Business Part I (8624B)CAMPOS, V
9/7/20189/28/2018F9:30 AM1:00 PMNorth City Campus209
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online. Mandatory onsite registration Tuesday 09/04/2018, 5:00PM room 209 (8781K)CAMPOS, V
9/4/20189/29/2018TBA0:000:00North City CampusWEB
Construction Estimating (0018F)KEARNS, T
9/1/20189/29/2018Sa7:30 AM3:00 PMAssociated General Contractors/ RiversideCLSRM
Makeup Artistry Fee (special registration) (8920F)GODINEZ, M
9/22/20189/29/2018Sa8:30 AM3:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus214
Coffee Origins and Brewing Fundamentals Fee (special registration) (9408D)URIOSTEGUI, A
9/8/20189/29/2018Sa10:00 AM1:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus218
Tax Preparation Made Easy Fee (special registration) (9488H)WILLIAMS, T
9/15/20189/29/2018Sa12:30 PM3:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus208
Excel - Tips & Tricks for Experienced Excel Users (8037D)PEDERSEN, G
10/1/201810/1/2018M1:00 PM5:00 PMNorth City Campus110
Singing for Beginners Fee (special registration) (9238E)NICOLAISEN, J
9/4/201810/2/2018T7:00 PM9:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus101
Web Design with WordPress - Beginning/Intermediate Part 1 (8369E)WILLIAMS, A
9/4/201810/2/2018T6:00 PM9:00 PMWest City Campus206
The Intelligent Investor Part 1 Fee (special registration) (8643G)LOPEZ, J
9/11/201810/2/2018T6:00 PM8:00 PMSan Diego Continuing Education Mesa College Campus203
Basic Network Configuration - Subnetting (9923D)GARCIA, J
9/4/201810/2/2018T5:30 PM9:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus316
Digital Photography - Beginning (8746G)LEE, R
9/5/201810/3/2018W5:30 PM9:30 PMNorth City Campus207
Adobe Illustrator - Beginning/Intermediate (8752B)WILLIAMS, A
9/5/201810/3/2018W6:00 PM8:30 PMWest City Campus206
IT Consultant - Starting Your Own Technology Business Hybrid (9826A)MAJOR, S
9/5/201810/3/2018MW6:00 PM9:00 PMNorth City Campus111
Quickservice Lube/Pre-Delivery Program Orientation Required (8768A)VASQUEZ, F
9/4/201810/4/2018MTWTh10:30 AM1:45 PMEducational Cultural ComplexA122
Computer Basics - Introduction to Computers Part 1 (8272G)WILLIAMS, A
9/4/201810/4/2018TTh2:00 PM5:00 PMWest City Campus206
Basic Network Configuration - Packet Tracer (9924E)GARCIA, J
9/6/201810/4/2018Th5:30 PM9:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus316
Become a Notary or Renew Your Commission Fee (special registration) (8547H)PHILLIPS, W
10/6/201810/6/2018Sa8:00 AM3:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus101
PowerPoint - Beginning/Intermediate (8680D)PEDERSEN, G
10/1/201810/8/2018M5:30 PM9:00 PMNorth City Campus110
Computer Basics - iPhone/iPad Canceled (9011G)MCDONALD, K
10/3/201810/10/2018W12:30 PM4:30 PMNorth City Campus207
HTML5 & CSS3 - Beginning (9763H)SPAHITZ, R
10/3/201810/10/2018W5:30 PM9:00 PMNorth City Campus209
Basic Network Configuration - Introduction to Cyber Security (9469A)MAJOR, S
9/5/201810/10/2018W3:00 PM5:00 PMNorth City Campus210
20th Century US History 2 (8909F)RODRIQUEZ, H
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh8:30 AM11:45 AMEducational Cultural Complex76
Basic Ed, Math, Intermediate (8894F)CARUANA, S
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh11:30 AM2:45 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus313
GED Preparation (8996F)CARUANA, S
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh8:30 AM11:30 AMCésar E. Chávez Campus313
GED Preparation (9002C)CARUANA, S
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh11:30 AM2:45 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus313
World Hist/Geography/Econ 1 (8015K)CARUANA, S
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh11:30 AM2:45 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus313
World Hist/Geography/Econ 2 (9856G)GARCIA, E
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh5:30 PM8:30 PMEducational Cultural Complex76
Pre-Algebra, Semester 1 (8775K)CARUANA, S
9/4/201810/11/2018MTWTh11:30 AM2:45 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus313

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