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Retirement Living-Later Life - Rediscover San Diego (9336H)ECKSTEIN, D
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:30 AM12:30 PMRay and Joan Kroc Community CenterCLSRM
Newborn to 12 Months - Baby Sign Language (8356F)EMERSON POWER, K
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:00 PMHarold J. Ballard Parent CenterCLSRM
ESL Multi-Level - ESL Multi-Level Computer Lab (8977D)BRICE, J
9/4/20181/22/2019MTW11:45 AM1:45 PMWest City Campus203
Retirement Living-Later Life - Communicating with Technology for Older Adults (9842B)BURNS, M
9/4/20181/22/2019T1:00 PM3:00 PMMira Mesa Senior CenterCLSRM
Health Education for OA Special Setting (8618A)LINSK, A
9/4/20181/22/2019MT1:30 PM4:00 PMLifehouse San Diego Health Care CenterCLSRM
Arts and Crafts-Older Adults Special Setting (8175D)ANDERSEN, J
9/4/20181/22/2019T2:00 PM4:00 PMLifehouse San Diego Health Care CenterCLSRM
24 to 36 Months/Discovering Me Note: No morning class on 9/4/2018. First class meeting will be for adults only 9/4/2018, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM to register and receive lesson plans. (8402E)PETERSON, J
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:00 PMMiramar CollegeA117
Arts and Crafts-Older Adults - Ikebana Japanese Floral Design (8201K)BOURLAND, A
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:00 PMSan Diego Continuing Education Mesa College Campus119
24 to 36 Months/Discovering Me (8492D)SURWILO, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:00 PMWest City Campus122
Health Education for OA - Multi-Level Activity (8875G)EMERSON, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T1:00 PM3:00 PMTemple Emanu-El - College Avenue Senior CenterCLSRM
24 to 36 Months/Discovering Me - Baby Brain Dance (9818B)SCHAUDER, D
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM11:00 AMSan Diego Continuing Education Mesa College Campus118
Basic Firearms Safety Fee (special registration) (8064E)CARLSON, R
11/6/20181/22/2019T6:30 PM8:30 PMSan Diego Police Dept Pistol RangeRANGE
Social Studies/Older Adults (8152F)LE VINE, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T11:00 AM12:00 PMCasa de MananaCLSRM
Social Studies/Older Adults Special Setting (8170G)LE VINE, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T1:45 PM2:45 PMLa Jolla Nursing & Rehab CenterCLSRM
Sewing Fundamentals II Program Orientation Required (9592B)PONTSLER, T
9/4/20181/22/2019T5:00 PM9:00 PMWest City Campus209
Outdoor Classroom - 12-23 Months (8043E)ROSE, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:15 PMSan Diego Continuing Education Mesa College CampusCLSRM
Outdoor Classroom - 24-36 Months (8044D)MESKE, M
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:30 AM12:30 PMWest City CampusCLSRM
Social Studies/Older Adults Special Setting (8193J)SWERSKY, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T2:00 PM4:30 PMSummerville at ClairemontCLSRM
Sewing Like a Professional Program Orientation Required (9739A)NAMDAR, D
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM1:00 PMMid City Campus317
Social Studies/Older Adults Special Setting (8514C)PORTS, U
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM11:00 AMSt. Paul's PACECLSRM
Contemporary Tailoring (9848E)MCKENNA, J
9/4/20181/22/2019T5:00 PM9:00 PMWest City Campus211
Contemporary Tailoring (9849G)PIERSON, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM1:00 PMWest City Campus209
Social Studies/Older Adults (9150F)SWERSKY, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:15 AM11:15 AMCanyon VillasCLSRM
Social Studies/Older Adults - Rediscovering San Diego Hybrid (9330D)SOLIS, A
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:30 AM12:00 PMMira Mesa Senior CenterCLSRM
Google Drive (0014G)HOWE, T
1/15/20191/22/2019TTh5:00 PM6:45 PMSan Diego Central LibraryCLSRM
ESL 1 Beginning Literacy - ESL Beg Literacy 1, Conversation (9253J)VALENZUELA, K
9/4/20181/22/2019MT4:45 PM5:45 PMMid City Campus201
Textile Surface Design (0013H)PONTSLER, T
9/4/20181/22/2019T10:00 AM2:00 PMWest City Campus211
Music Appreciation-OA (0003C)FRANKLIN, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T12:30 PM2:00 PMSt Pauls VillaCLSRM
Social Skills-DSPS (0076C)CORONA, V
9/4/20181/22/2019T2:30 PM4:30 PMMiramar CollegeA115
Families Learning Together Canceled (0000E)BOCAYA, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:00 AM12:00 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus207
Plumbing I (8030H)LOPEZ, R
9/4/20181/22/2019MT5:45 PM9:30 PMEducational Cultural ComplexA122
Plumbing II (9326K)GORHAM, B
9/4/20181/22/2019MT5:45 PM9:30 PMEducational Cultural ComplexC110
Air Conditioning/Heating II (8451K)SMITH, K
11/26/20181/22/2019MT5:45 PM9:30 PMEducational Cultural ComplexA122
Music Appreciation-OA - The Sounds of Music (8135E)HANCOVA, M
9/4/20181/22/2019T12:30 PM2:30 PMPacific Beach Presbyterian ChurchCLSRM
Music Appreciation-OA (8172C)COSTA, N
9/4/20181/22/2019T12:30 PM2:30 PMWhite SandsCLSRM
Cisco CCNA 4 Hybrid. Students are advised to complete CCNA 3 prior to enrollment (9828F)ARAGON, D
1/8/20191/22/2019T6:00 PM10:00 PMNorth City Campus210
Music Appreciation-OA (8337A)COSTA, N
9/4/20181/22/2019T9:30 AM11:30 AMWhite SandsCLSRM
Music Appreciation-OA - Learn to Play Guitar (8382D)FRANKLIN, R
9/4/20181/22/2019T3:00 PM5:30 PMCésar E. Chávez Campus101
Music Appreciation-OA Special Setting (8473C)FORMAN, M
10:00 AM
1:00 PM
12:00 PM
2:30 PM
Music Appreciation-OA Special Setting (8478H)SIMON, S
9/4/20181/22/2019T1:00 PM2:30 PMSummerville at ClairemontCLSRM

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