Mission Statement

Vision Statement

San Diego Continuing Education will be the state’s leading noncredit educational provider, based on quality of services offered and variety of courses available, assisting students to transform their lives.

Philosophy Statement

San Diego Continuing Education is a multicultural institution dedicated to providing educational access and lifelong learning opportunities. Our commitment is to all students who come through our doors, without regard to their academic skill or life’s challenges, offering innovative, high quality instruction and student support services. We believe that people have the capacity to change and that education can positively transform individuals, enriching their lives and contributing to our community.

Core Values

We, the Continuing Education faculty, staff, and administration of San Diego Community College District, acknowledge our responsibility to society and believe that access to lifelong learning is a cornerstone of a democratic society. We consider it our duty to anticipate changing demands in education and welcome the opportunity to shape the future. We place students at the center of all that we do, supporting and promoting excellence in their endeavors. We affirm and embody pluralism; we value collaboration and shared decision-making; and we honor creativity and innovation.

Mission Statement

To provide ongoing learning opportunities, preparing diverse individuals for career advancement, a college education, or enriched lives through good health and personal fulfillment.

Mission Statement

San Diego Continuing Education has roots dating to 1914. It is one of the largest separately accredited noncredit programs in the nation, offering no and low cost classes throughout San Diego. Continuing Education seeks to integrate lifelong learning into all San Diegan’s lives, as evidenced by growing enrollments. Continuing Education students come with varied educational goals, including career advancement, college preparation, and life enrichment. To serve these student goals, we recruit diverse faculty with extensive experience and education, including professional certifications, Master’s, and/or Doctorate degrees. Faculty professional development to maintain subject area expertise is critical to our success. Continuing Education strives to diversify its course offerings, creating a vast array of lifelong learning opportunities. Continuing Education’s programs and courses relate to the following:

  • Basic skills courses for those needing basic reading, writing, and math skills
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for limited English speakers
  • High school completion and GED preparation courses for those not completing high school
  • Older adult courses supporting and promoting positive aging
  • Disability Support Programs and Services courses for persons with disabilities
  • Parent Education courses to increase parenting skills
  • Community Education courses providing fee-based professional and personal enrichment classes
  • Contract Education courses customized to the specific needs of business and industry
  • Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) courses.

Continuing Education functions as an integral part of the San Diego Community College District, providing transitional pathways to the three credit institutions: City College, Mesa College, and Miramar College. Continuing Education’s six campuses and more than 300 community locations are important to our community presence and image/identity. Campuses are staffed by professional and competent classified and administrative personnel, who strive to serve the best interests of students. Continuing Education’s vision, philosophy, values, and mission is founded on hiring qualified persons without regard to age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, or national origin.